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by Brad Wolfe and the Moon

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Singer-songwriter Brad Wolfe and his band (Brad Wolfe and
the Moon) have quickly risen from obscurity to garner one of
the most passionate fan-bases of any unsigned group in
Northern California; they have gained radio play on
San Francisco’s most popular radio stations, been featured
repeatedly on Bay Area major network television, and
impressively sold out headlining shows at some of
San Francisco’s largest national venues.   Yet, while the
San Jose Mercury News declares that Brad is like a young
Paul Simon or Cat Stevens, the audience’s passionate
connection to Brad Wolfe and the Moon runs much deeper
than the music itself.  It’s also about the amazing story of
compassion behind Brad’s career and about what the music
of Brad Wolfe and the Moon has come to represent….

In 2002, Brad was president of his class at Stanford
University and planning a career in politics. Though Brad
had been writing and singing songs since he was 15, he
viewed music as a passion and a hobby rather than a
possible career ambition. But in May of that year, Brad’s life path was forever altered by unexpected tragedy. His best girl friend, Sara, confided to him that she had been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare and often deadly form of pediatric bone cancer. Upon hearing this news, Brad committed himself to helping Sara in her difficult fight. He turned to his music and penned a song of hope for her. One night, Brad gathered a group of Sara's friends together at his parent’s house and surprised Sara with his new composition, "Sara's Got a Sunbeam." The song became an anthem of sorts during Sara’s illness and, for that evening, feelings of love and friendship overshadowed the heartache of Sara’s disease.

As Sara's condition worsened and she became bedridden, Brad visited Sara in the hospital frequently. On one occasion, Brad brought his guitar with him and, at Sara’s request, performed a bedside concert of his original songs. As Brad played, Sara’s spirits suddenly improved. For those few moments, her pain actually seemed to diminish. Brad was grateful and was struck that his music had the power to make a difference in Sara’s life. Thereafter, bedside concerts became a frequent scene at the hospital.

Sara's fight against Ewing’s sarcoma was difficult, yet it was also inspiring. Her unwavering optimism and love of life moved not only Brad, but all those who knew Sara. Though Sara passed away at the age of 21, her impact on the world, on her friends, and on Brad was permanent. In her memory, Brad decided to pursue a new life path: he made a commitment to share his music with the world and to use his talent to make a difference in the lives of young people like Sara who are engaged in a fight against cancer.

With a new career direction, Brad put together a band of talented Bay Area musicians collectively known as Brad Wolfe and the Moon and entered the studio with the hope of recording a demo. As the project got underway and excitement mounted, it became clear that a demo just wasn’t enough—the full LP, “Brad Wolfe and the Moon” had begun.

Multiple songs on the album, including fan-favorites “In the Middle of a Dream,” “Tall Grass,” and “Sara’s Got a Sunbeam” were inspired by Sara, and as the album neared completion, Brad started thinking about a way he could use album proceeds to benefit young adults, like Sara, faced with pediatric cancer. When he shockingly discovered that there were no existing organizations that dealt specifically with Ewing’s sarcoma, Brad knew what he had to do. Recruiting help from Sara’s friends and family and doctors from Stanford University, he established the Sunbeam Foundation. Named after his song honoring Sara, the Sunbeam organizers aimed the foundation at spreading hope and raising funds for research and treatment of sarcomas, such as Ewing’s, which affect children and young adults.

Brad’s humanity, his music, and his career have intertwined themselves into a powerful package that differentiates Brad from most musicians and allows Brad Wolfe and the Moon to reach listeners at their core. “I have so much wrapped up in my music and in what it represents,” says Brad. “It’s not just about me—it’s about life, the goodness of the human spirit, and about giving back to the world.”  So take a listen for yourself, and discover Brad Wolfe and the Moon.


released June 1, 2005



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Brad Wolfe and the Moon San Francisco, California

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